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Longing to Belong


Become fully aware that you are unconditionally loved and accepted.

From a young age, we all learn that cruel words can wound, but Longing to Belong will show you how Scripture can heal your heart. Join Shawna as she explores Psalm 139 and reveals seven life-giving affirmations that everyone needs:

God knows me.
He is always with me.
I am not invisible.
I am wonderfully made.
God’s countless thoughts are for me.
I have enemies, but . . .
I can walk in victory!

The Lord is Close


If there really is a God, why doesn’t He care about me? Have you ever felt this way? When Shawna’s infant son was diagnosed with a fatal disorder, she nearly lost all hope. But God proved His love for her was strong enough to carry her through.



Song Titles:

  1. Come, Now is the Time to Worship
  2. I Wanna Sing • I Love Your Grace
  3. We Bow Down • O Lord, You’re Beautiful
  4. Here I Am Again
  5. Change My Heart, O God
  6. We Worship You
  7. I Will Never Be the Same
  8. Cry of My Heart
  9. The Power of Your Love
  10. I Give You My Heart
  11. From This Day
  12. Lord, Reign in Me
  13. Blessed Assurance

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