Longing to Belong audiobook


The audio version of Longing to Belong was recorded by the author, Shawna Marie Bryant. Her narration will make you feel like she is sitting right there with you, helping you overcome unwelcome feelings of rejection, inadequacy and insignificance.

Listen as Shawna teaches you how Scripture can heal your heart.

Listen for FREE to the first chapter of the Longing to Belong audiobook below.

Purchase your digital download, and then visit the Truth Tools page for several helpful resources from the appendix in the hardcopy of the book.

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Shawna narrates her book with the same expressive style found in her writing. With honesty and transparency, she will show you how to handle your hurts and discover the keys to freedom when others have rejected you. Walk with Shawna through the Bible and see anew that your Creator is not a harsh critic or a taskmaster to be feared. Instead, learn to claim your rightful place as accepted by God and live in joy.