At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up. (Galatians 6:9b NLT)

When I launched Mid-Week Miracle last month, I noted the name doesn’t promise that you’ll read a testimony about a miraculous healing or find a story about signs and wonders each week. (Although I did have fun sharing about some pretty amazing miracles over the past couple of weeks.)

Instead, I promised to testify to the miracle of God’s tangible presence in the midst of our daily routines.

My daughter, Sarah, recently got a timely nod from God that caused much rejoicing and relief.

Hours away from completing the manicure curriculum at a California beauty college, Sarah looked forward to graduation and qualifying to take her state board exams to become a licensed nail technician.

Then COVID-19 shut everything down. Can you relate to detours and roadblocks upending your plans?

Sarah waited several months for the state to allow her beauty college to reopen. As soon as the COVID mitigation restrictions eased, she returned to school, finished her program, and received a date for her exam.

Then California shut everything down again. Having your hopes dashed right after having them lifted is like a double whammy of disappointment.

The state board sent Sarah a new date, but her obstetrician wouldn’t let her travel the nearly four-hour drive to take the test so close to her baby’s due date. So, she asked for and received a later date, but before that long-awaited day arrived, COVID cases surged yet again.

Days before Sarah’s scheduled exam, California shut down the state board testing site a third time.

You know what they say about three strikes.

Sarah began to lose hope. She needed a job to help support her growing family with her husband, but would she ever be able to get her manicuring license? Would she need to find another source of income?

Nearly a year had passed since her graduation from beauty college when Sarah learned from her former instructor that everything was about to change.

“Sarah,” the instructor said. “You’d better get your test date before July because the state board is changing all of the testing procedures and you haven’t been trained on the new techniques. You’ll have to come back to school to learn the new requirements.”

Sarah had no access whatsoever to the state board. All she could do was wait for them to mail her a date. But would it be in time?

She called me devastated. Where would she get the money to return to school? What if she failed the new test? How much longer before she could open a legitimate nail business?

Wanting to give my daughter wise counsel and warm encouragement but completely devoid of either, I shot up a prayer.

A thought immediately popped into my head.

“Sarah, call our California congressman,” I said. “We sent him to Sacramento to represent us. He must have a way of getting in touch with the state board. Maybe he can help you get an expedited date.”

She immediately called the office in Sacramento and spoke with a helpful member of our congressman’s staff. He promised to reach out to the state board within 48 hours.

The next day Sarah not only received a call from the state board, but she also received a date for her exam. She will take that four-hour drive in less than two weeks!

I have no doubt Sarah will pass her state boards and open for business by the month of May. I also believe she’ll build a client list in no time. I mean, look at these nails she just did for me. Not to mention all the beautiful nails she’s posted on her Instagram.

Yes, that was a proud mother’ s shameless plug.

I opened with a promise from Galatians 6 because I believe your harvest of blessing is on the other side of that roadblock. Don’t despise the detour. Take the long road when necessary. And don’t ever give up hope.

Patient practice makes progress permanent.