In light of yesterday’s resignation of Governor Cuomo, I was drawn to share the portion of Scripture that talks about praying for those who rule over us in government. I looked back over my notes and discovered I read that Bible verse, which is 1 Timothy 2:2, in Episode 44.

The declaration back then focused on how praying for those in authority marks our lives with godliness and dignity. It’s a good word for us today—especially in light of the leadership transition in New York with Andrew Cuomo’s resignation—and so I encourage you to listen to Episode 44. Today, I’m shifting the focus of our declaration from prayer to salvation.

Last week’s declaration was this: I belong with the faithful ones who are saved.

Hallelujah! Those of us who have accepted Jesus are among the faithful ones who are saved. But God wants everyone to come into the fold, he wants us all to belong with the faithful ones.

1 Timothy 2:4 says, “He wants not only us but everyone saved.” Jesus died to set every single one of us free. I love how The Message says in verse 6, “Eventually the news is going to get out.” Oh, how I want to be part of getting that news out! Jesus offered himself in exchange for those who are held captive by sin, to set them all free. God wants to save everyone by his grace. All we have to do is believe by faith that God raised Jesus from the dead. Our salvation is a gift from God. And that gift is available to anyone.

I’m super passionate about this week’s declaration. It’s such a good word for a lost and broken world.


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This week’s scripture: 1 Timothy 2:1-7