Enough is Enough Trailer

Designed for weekly Bible study, Enough is Enough: Realizing God’s Sufficiency will help you trust God to hold you together when everything around you is falling apart. Shawna Marie Bryant’s in-depth Bible study includes seven video sessions approximately 40 minutes in length and six weeks of homework. Each week of homework includes five daily opportunities to look up various Scriptures, read Shawna’s stories and insights, and respond to her questions and activities. When you’ve had enough of a situation you can’t fix, you need to know God is more than enough to handle it. This Bible study will show you He is, as you learn to depend on His sufficiency alone.

Enough is Enough Trailer

Enough is Enough Introductory Session

The first of seven videos offered in this series, the Introductory Session prepares you for further investigation into God’s ability to meet all your needs. Shawna’s teaching focuses on Ephesians 1:3-9 and takes you through a challenging exercise designed to leave no doubt that you are blessed. Watch both Part 1 and Part 2 of this session before beginning the first week of homework available with Shawna Bryant’s Bible study,Enough is Enough: Realizing God’s Sufficiency.

Enough is Enough Intro Part 1

Enough is Enough Intro Part 2