Take a look at what people are saying after inviting Shawna Marie Bryant to speak.

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Barb Boswell, Woodland Presbyterian Church, Woodland, WA

Shawna spoke at our annual Community-Wide Women’s Conference and the line I consistently heard from our women was, “best conference ever.” Shawna is professional, prepared, and delightful.

Leilani Montagne, Bayside Church, Kingston, WA

Being a pastor’s wife for 35 years and very involved in ministry myself, I have some definite ideas about what women need and want to hear at a women’s retreat. I found Shawna to be down to earth, relevant, and someone who brought a significant amount of spiritual depth in her sharing.

Maybritt Ongna, Evangelical Free Church, Green Valley, AZ

Because our ladies are mostly senior citizens, the challenge for Shawna was a little different than her usual audiences, but she was able to endear herself to each of us as she wandered among the tables singing and reaching out to many individuals. The response was heartwarming and she was able to work well within the time frame she was given. We couldn’t have been more pleased and would gladly welcome her back.

Janet Ott, Sierra Vista Presbyterian Church, Oakhurst, CA

Shawna Marie Bryant has been a speaker at two women’s events here at Sierra Vista Presbyterian Church in Oakhurst, California. She is a delightful presence with a depth of talent in many areas… Her messages are practical and you leave ready for a closer walk with God.

Cindy Hoffman, Penasquitos Lutheran Church, San Diego, CA

Her teaching from God’s Word is solid and practical. Shawna’s contagious smile not only makes you feel at ease in her presence, but also is evidence of the joy she experiences from her walk with the Lord.

Charles Sineath, Wesleyan Fellowship, Marietta, GA

God is good, and one of His most recent expressions of goodness to me was in allowing me to sit under your anointed ministry at Redwood Christian Park. Little sister, God has given you tremendous gifts. While I don’t praise you for that, because I praise God for giving them to you; I do want to thank you for the remarkable way you have developed those gifts, and now deploy them for the glory of the Giver.

Debra Hodges, Crossroads Bible Church, San Jose, CA

I pray that other ladies’ groups have the opportunity to hear you speak and learn from your gentle teaching
and leading.

Georgette Goodrich, Smith River Baptist Church, Smith River, CA

I would like to share one comment I received from one of our church ladies after she heard Shawna speak. She said, “Where did you find this lady? She is a phenomenal speaker.” I can say that it was a “God thing!” Shawna was so easy to work with, so gracious in many ways and was able to adapt to our group of ladies and minister with love.

Alvern L. VomSteeg, International Leadership Institute Carrollton, GA

As her pastor, I have been personally blessed by, first her servant spirit, then by her musical giftedness, then by her sensitivity to the needs of the group she is with and finally by her own depth of spirituality in allowing the Holy Spirit to use her.

Robin Brown, Hebron Baptist Church, Dacula, GA

I knew you were going to be good for us; I just wasn’t prepared for how good. Your voice, your stories, and your scripture knowledge all wrapped together make an impressive package that God is truly using to reach the hearts of women. It has been two weeks since our event, and every time I run into someone they have to comment about the incredible evening they experienced. I had a chance to speak with our Pastor’s wife the other day, and she couldn’t say enough about how wonderfully you presented the entire Christmas message, and then delivered a powerful invitation.

Kris Williamson, Carlsbad Community Church, Carlsbad, CA

Shawna knows the meaning of outreach and how to present the message and song in a way that is touching yet delivers the Gospel in a straightforward way. This is the 12th year of the Christmas Outreach and everyone said, hands down, this was the best one ever! The women want Shawna back—they love her, her message, her song!

Peggy Condos, Crossroads Nazarene Church, Gardnerville, NV

If you are looking for a great speaker and a wonderful woman of God, I highly recommend her for any retreat or event you are planning to have.

Sharon Fry, Redwood Christian Park, Boulder Creek, CA

Shawna Marie is able to proclaim the gospel of Jesus to folks from all walks of life in a way that uniquely reflects the “testing as by fire” that God has used to refine her as purest gold.